Jason Watkins

Research Software Engineer

‚úČ jason-watkins@outlook.com


University of California, Irvine

Degree: BS in Computer Science

Graduated: March 2018

Irvine Valley College

Degrees: AS in Computer Science, AA in Mathematics

Graduated: May 2014

Work Experience

SGT Inc., NASA Ames Research Center

Title: Software Engineer

Dates: March 2018-Current

Working on various projects related to prognostics and cloud computing

NASA Ames Research Center

Title: Research Engineering Intern

Dates: Spring/Summer 2015, Summer 2016, and Summer 2017

GSAP: Worked as part of a team to develop a generic software prognostics architecture. Focused primarily on improving reliability of the code base by taking advantage of C++11 features, expanding unit test coverage, automating build and unit testing, and setting up continuous integration.

X-Plane Connect: Refactored a monolithic procedural code base into modular, object-oriented C++. Added new features to the project. Provided end- user support. https://github.com/nasa/xplaneconnect

Compound Eye: Worked with a large group of interns and full-time engineers to develop a new optical motion tracking sensor. Developed simulation systems and conducted analysis on experimental and simulated data. Assisted team in developing an database schema to store experimental data in a MySQL database.

Broadcom Corporation

Title: Computer Engineering Intern

Dates: Winter/Spring 2016

Worked with customers to test, debug and assist in integration of Broadcom wireless communication chips into consumer products.

Developed tools to support debugging and integration of Broadcom products.

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

Title: Computer Engineering Intern

Dates: Summer 2014

Auto-Tracking Antenna Platform: Developed a 2-axis proportional control system to track an aircraft in flight. Integrated data acquisition from UAV autopilot and closed-loop systems for reliable antenna positioning. Developed a simple messaging protocol to reliably transmit data between a desktop computer and Arduino motor controller.

United States Army

Title: Health Care Specialist

Dates: 2006-2010

Preventive Medicine: Maintained medical records and ensured soldiers received regular preventative care. Automated reporting and of soldiers periodic medical requirements, leading to a significant increase in medical readiness.

Training: Trained non-medical personnel in basic battlefield first aid.

Clinical Care: Provided first line medical care for soldiers in a clinical setting.

Emergency Care: Trained to provide advanced lifesaving medical care in a field setting.

Societies and Awards

2017 Ames Honor Award

2016 Ames Honor Award