Jason Watkins

Research Software Engineer

‚úČ jason-watkins@outlook.com


X-Plane Connect

The X-Plane Connect (XPC) Toolbox is an open source research tool used to interact with the commercial flight simulator software X-Plane. XPC allows users to control aircraft and receive state information from aircraft simulated in X-Plane using functions written in C, C++, Java, MATLAB, or Python in real time over the network. This research tool has been used to visualize flight paths, test control algorithms, simulate an active airspace, or generate out-the-window visuals for in-house flight simulation software. Possible applications include active control of an XPlane simulation, flight visualization, recording states during a flight, or interacting with a mission over UDP.

Fun with the UCI Film School

UAV Forge at UCI

Iteratively design, build, and test a flight control unit capable of performing control, guidance, and stability augmentation on various aerial platforms. Platforms include quad-copters, traditional fixed wing aircraft, and tilt-rotor aircraft.